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Rules of the Champion's League

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Rules of the Champion's League Empty Rules of the Champion's League

Message par papache le Ven 16 Mar 2012, 17:08

Two forums are participating to this first Champion's League : http://jeux-wii-onle.forumgratuit.org (JWO) and http://peswiipal.foroactivo.com (PWP)

Each forum qualifies 4 players, according to the ranking in his local championship (and cup) of the last season. The qualified players are ranked 1 to 4...

2 groups of 4 players will be made. The group A gathers the JWO players 1 and 3 and the PWP players 2 and 4; the group B gathers the JWO players 2 and 4 and the PWP players 1 and 3.

In each group, each player will meet once the 3 other players. 3pts for a win, 1pt for a draw, 0pt for a lost. The ranking in each group is determined by:
- the number of points
- the one-to-one difference
- the global difference
- the number of goals scored
In case of perfect tie, an additional match will be played (with penalty shootouts if needed)

The first 2 players in each group will be qualified for the semi-finals: the 1st of group A will meet the 2nd of group B, and the 2nd of group A will meet the 1st of group B. The semi-finals will be played with first and return legs (2 matchs). In case of tie after return leg, a 3rd match will be played, with penalty shootouts if needed.

The winners will play the final on a single match. A match for the 3rd place will be also played. In case of draw, a second match will be played, with penalty shootouts if needed.

The teams used for the competition will be announced later on...

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